The primary objective of our website is to provide useful knowledge and information about Nigeria and Nigerians, Nigerian places and people, hence thingsnigeria. The primary target are Nigerians and people of Nigerian descent and anyone who has an interest in obtaining current and authentic information about the people and places in Nigeria.

Most of the information available about Nigeria are incidentals, opinions and studies of Nigeria often written by outsiders who don’t know the soul of the country, or who write with a mindset to denigrate and slur the people (as has been the pattern of most Western travel writing these past two centuries). There are very few that are written with the clear object of helping Nigerians toward genuine self-discovery or guiding outsiders to true appreciation of the people and places, uncoloured by jaundiced preconceptions.

We want to stand out and be counted among the few striving to do it with that love, which comes from knowing something, knowing a place so well and intimately, that you now wish to share that knowledge with outsiders, so that they can partake of your joys. That is what has set out to do.

Over the comings weeks and months, as our team of researchers rove up and down Africa’s most populous country of 180 million people, through deserts, savannahs and rainforests, will will be posting to the site snippets of the cultural and natural treasures of Nigeria and the human history behind them.

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The Things Nigeria Team