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As we research and provide valuable information on Nigerian cities, states, places of interest as well as the sights and sounds of the country, our many readers are asking us to recommend the best accommodations for them as they visit the places we write about. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your hotel known.

Listing Options:

  • Basic: this enables you to provide basic information about your hotel, including name, address, phone numbers, email address, key contacts, types of rooms and price ranges. There are no images used.
  • Visual basic: This will include a narrative on the hotel, its history, milestones attained, industry significance, selling points (could be location, nearness to places of interests, views commanded, bands and entertainment offered. The narrative will be illustrated with photos of interesting views of the hotel as well as the room types on offer. It will naturally cost more than the basic.
  • Multimedia: This will be the premium listing combining the text narrative with still images, audio and video for an intense presentation highlighting all the positives of a given property. It would include interviews and endorsements in addition to all the basic information.

Facebook-, Twitter- and Google-tied Promos:

ThingsNigeria also offers promotions tied to advertising by Facebook, Twitter and Google for those who seek to gain more mileage in the promotion of their products and services. With an extra outlay to cover such services, the client will simultaneously be exposed to the traffic of visitors generated by ThingsNigeria as well targeted advertising using the global audience of the social media.

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