photos_for_newgong_mag_003The Obudu Plateau in Cross River state in southeastern Nigeria is one of the country’s highest mountain ranges at 1,600 meters above sea level and temperatures of between 4 degress and 26 degrees celsius.

British colonists had established a cattle ranch there in 1951 to take advantage of its high altitude that wouldn’t sustain the tse-tse fly, a scourge of cattle in the rainforests. In recent years it is its breathtaking beauty and enchanting scenery that have come to the fore.


Following rehabilitation which developed the ranch into a resort, electric cable-car transportation have been provided to enable visitors mingle with the clouds, soar past the contours of spiking ranges to catch glimpses of a waterfall hidden in thickets.
The visitor to Obudu is still left with the option of making an equally thrilling road trip on the winding road up the mountain, with heart-throbbing views of cliffsides and valleys so deep.